ARALDITE Rapid Steel 4 Minutes Epoxy Adhesive Glue (Black White) 15ml

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A strong, long lasting solvent-free adhesive which is water resistant and can be painted or sanded. Perfect for jobs on metal like plumbing, car bodywork, gates and windows.


  • Bonds most types of metal including steel, galvanised steel, cast iron, aluminium, iron, copper and brass
  • Will also bond non-metallic materials, such as ceramic, wood and glass
  • Make sure surfaces are clean and free from dust, corrosion, dirt and grease
  • For optimum bonding, slightly roughen surfaces with sandpaper and degrease metals with a suitable solvent
  • During assembly apply light pressure to the joint until set (clamps, tap) around
  • Handling time 1 hour. Allow 2 hours to attain full strength before rough handling or sanding.


NET CONTENT 2 x 15ml
COLOR Transparent


Araldite® Steel is a strong 2-component epoxy with fast setting

Will not rust. Metallic grey colour. Fills gaps for uneven breaks

Parts repositionable for 4 minutes

Oil, chemical and impact resistant

High temperature resistance (-30°C to 100°C)

Do not use to repair or bond items that will contact food or drink. Not recommended for bonding rear-view mirrors to car windscreens.


1x Araldite Resins (black)

1x Araldite Hardener (white)

1x Mini scraper

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