CHINA GCL 610 Geared Trolley 1 Ton 3 Meters

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CHINA GCL 610 is a geared trolley that is hand operated by pulling the hand-chain and the plain trolley by pushing the load lifted, running on the bottom flange of monorail. Attach the chain block under the trolley to form a trolley type chain block, they may be mounted on monorail overhead conveying system with straight line orcurve, hand travelling cram and jib crane.

They are suitable to use widely in factories, mines, wharves, docks, warehouse, and engine room for installation of equipment as well as for conveyance of goods. It is especially advantageous for use at the places where no power supply is available and for maintenance and repair of equipment.


  • Safe in operation
  • Minimum in maintenance
  • Compact in construction and minimum dimension for installation
  • High efficiency in operation with small hand push/pull force
  • Adopt special wheel hub surface, able to run on flat surfaces and slant surfaces with inclination of 1:6 and below
  • Wheel designed with flanges, trolley can run on curved I-beam with smaller radius


Capacity 1 Ton
I-Beam Width 75 ~ 125mm
Net Weight 15kg
Dimension A 271mm
Dimension B 206mm
Dimension C 222mm
Dimension H 122mm


1x CHINA GCL 610 Geared Trolley 1 Ton 3 Meters

More Information
Weight Capacity (Ton)1
Max Lift Height (m)3
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