DAEMYUNG DSH2-40 Stainless Steel Domestic Water Pump with Auto Pressure Control 1"

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DAEMYUNG DSH2-40 is a D-series domestic water pump manufactured by DAEMYUNG Korea. High quality finishes product with heavy duty performance. It is installed with automatic pressure controller, which does not require additional equipment for operation. Features easy plug and play usage.


  • Robust Design & Durable Construction
  • High Performance & Quiet Operation
  • Low Energy Consumption & Automatic Pressure Control
  • Stainless steel stamping welding impeller and diffuser
  • Built-in protection
  • Easy Installation


Temperature Range 0°C ~ 103°C
Maximum Ambient Temperature +40°C
Maximum Ambient Pressure 1.0MPa
Motor Protection Class IP55
Motor Insulation Class F
Input Voltage 230V AC 50Hz
Current Rating 2.9A
Output Power 550W
Horsepower 0.75HP
Maximum Speed 2,900rpm
Flow Rate 33.33 L/min
Max Head 30m
Compliance IEC60034-1
Net Weight 11kg
Inlet/Outlet Inner Diameter 1"
Made in Korea


Clean, non-flammable, non-explosive medium containing no granule or fibre, such as mineral water, softened water, pure water, light density medium. Capable of pumping slightly corrosive medium because of stainless steel material


Supports minimum 2 shower taps, and 3 water tap heads


1 Year Local Manufacturer Warranty


1x DAEMYUNG DSH2.40 Domestic Water Pump with Auto Pressure Control

1x Operating Manual

More Information
Horsepower (HP)0.75
Flow Rate (Litre/min)30 - 39
Power TypeCorded Electric
Voltage (V)230V Single Phase
Inlet Diameter (inch)1"
Outlet Diameter (Inch)1"
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