HARRIS 0% TIG Brazing Rod Flat Filler Metal Rod 0.05" x 1/8" x 18" (kg)

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Harris O is Silver PhosCopper Brazing Alloy, economical alloy designed for brazing copper to copper connections. This alloy flows quickly at brazing temperature so requires close joint tolerance, less than 0.005" is a frequent choice for copper brazing.

Harris 0 is also a suitable choice for brazing brass. In this application operators should take care to avoid over heating the brass and use Harris Stay Silv® white brazing flux.

Harris 0 is not recommended for brazing steel or other ferrous base metals. The phosphorus content will form a low ductility intermetallic with the base metal


Dimension in Inch 0.050" x 1/8" x 20"
Dimension in mm 1.27 mm x 3.18 mm x 457mm
Flat Thickness 1.27mm
Weight Approximately 20g per stick
Solidus 1310°F (710°C)
Liquidus 1460°F (793°C)
Brazing Range 1345°F ~ 1500°F (730°C ~ 816°C)
Electrical Conductivity 9.9 (%IACS)
Electrical Resistivity 19.2
Compliance AWS A5.8 BCuP-2, ASME Section IIC SFA 5.8 BCuP-2, ISO 17672 CuP 181
Made in USA


- For copper or brass

- Good for application where moderate fit-up can maintained and brazing temperature is not critical

- Recommended joint clearance .002 - .007" (0.051 - 0.177 mm)


- Copper: Remainder

- Phosphorus: 7.1

- Other (Total): 0.15


1x HARRIS® 0% Brazing Rod Flat Filler Metal 0.05" x 1/8" x 18" (kg)

More Information
Electrode TypeBrazing Alloy Filler Rod
Electrode / Wire Material TypeCopper
Classification TypeNo
Electrode / Wire Diameter (mm)3.2
Electrode Length (m)0.45
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