HARRIS 15 Bare Low Fuming Bronze Welding Brazing TIG Filler Rod 2.0mm/2.4mm/3.2mm x 1 meter (kg)

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Harris 15 Low Fuming Bronze is copper- zinc braze rod developed primarily to braze steel and some cast iron grades including malleable and grey iron. It can be used to join copper but due to the elevated melting temperature care must be taken during brazing to avoid overheating or melting the copper. It is used with the oxy-fuel process.

Harris 15 is considered a “braze-welding” rod as this copper/zinc alloy exhibits minimal capillary action during brazing. This limits joint design primarily to lap, tee, and butt joints. Butt joints require some edge preparation typically incorporating beveled edges to provide a location for filler metal to be applied and to ensure alloy penetration to the joint root. To braze; heat the base metals to brazing temperature and manually deposit the rod along the joint.


• Braze welding steel

• Cast iron

• Copper

• May be used with standard oxy-fuel torch.


  • Tensile strength - Up to 65,000 psi
  • Flux coating provides excellent wetting action with no objectable fuming
  • Brazing temperature range - 1670° F to 1750° F
  • Good machinability
  • Porosity - free deposits
  • Color matches yellow brass


Diameter in Inch 1/16", 3/32", 1/8"
Diameter in mm 2.0mm/2.4mm/3.2mm (chosen)
Length 1 meter
Weight Approximately 1kg each
Coating Bare
Compliance AWS A5.8 RBCuZn-C, ASME SFA 5.8 RBCuZn-C, ISO 17672 Cu681
Made in USA


• Tin: 0.80 – 1.10

• Copper: 56.0 – 60.0

• Iron: 0.25 – 1.20

• Manganese: 0.01 - 0.50

• Silicon: 0.04 - 0.15

• Zinc: Remainder

• Lead: 0.05 maximum

• Aluminum: 0.01 maximum

• Others(total): 0.50 maximum


1. Clean braze area

2. Remove all rust, oil and grease

3. Heavy sections should be beveled

4. When applying the bare rod, use a neutral flame with Harris 600 flux

5. The alloy should be applied by a brazing technique with a neutral flame

6. Flux residue should be removed by wire brushing with hot water


1x Kg of HARRIS 15 Bare Low Fuming Bronze Welding Brazing TIG Rod 2.0mm/2.4mm/3.2mm x 1 meter (chosen)

More Information
Electrode TypeBrazing Alloy Filler Rod
Electrode / Wire Material TypeBronze
Classification TypeN/A
Electrode / Wire Diameter (mm)N/A
Electrode Length (m)1.0
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