TOKU BC-14 Block Cutter 4 inch

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TOKU BC-series Block Cutter will cut most paving materials available on the market made from concrete, clay, stone, granite, etc.

The cutting height is adjustable by a hand operated adjustment screw, which allows the sprung stop blade to fit snug to the tile surface. The canter lever action causes the cam to apply a uniform & central pressure which ensures that the machine is stable whilst in operation.


  • Cutting height is adjustable
  • Machine is stable whilst in operation
  • The hardened steel blades produce clean and perfect cuts
  • Long durability life


Model BC-14
Block Width 380mm
Block Dimension (L x W x H) 22mm x 22mm
Block Thickness 10mm – 100mm
Weight 49kg
Dimension (L x W x H) 1010mm x 270mm x 550mm


1x TOKU BC-14 Block Cutter 4 inch

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