WELDRO Welding Head Shield Type A

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Weldro Welding Head Shield Type A is an essential tool for various welding applications, such as TIG, MIG and arc welding. It is designed with super light weight in mind, for easy handling during welding. It has equipped with shade filter lens and clear filter lens, protecting welders from arcs and dust as appropriate. The head shield has ratchet adjustment fit for various type of head size.

- Large design with maximum protection and cover most essential part of head. - Equipped with both clear and dark lens for easy switch view.


  • Larger cover region
  • Beautifully crafted design, unique and durable
  • Could protect user from flash burns of eyes, face and necks!


Material Thermoplastic
Dimension (W X H) 9" x 14"
Lens Dimension (W X H) 4" x 2"


1x Weldro Welding Head Shield Type A

1x Head Ratchet

1x Screw Set

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